Importance of Case Taking

Case Taking plays a very important role in a good Homeopathic treatement

Case taking process in Homeopathy differs from any other system of medicine. It is the most important aspect of treatment and it requires a great deal of expertise on the part of the physician to extract the inner essence of the human being in disease. Only then, will the doctor be able to restore the healthy state and cure the suffering of the individual.

The long case taking at times becomes irritating for patients, having to revisit all his symptoms and traumas, feeling and chronology of the events. Here again, the physician is expected to offer a helping hand. Reassurance of the patient about the importance of doing so helps the patient in building confidence in the physician. It assures that his explanations are actually helpful in understanding the core of his ailments

The case taking process not only develops a required healthy doctor-patient relationship, but also creates a sense of security in the individual and helps him to get the best cure and laurels to our system of healing.

In Homeopathy Case taking is the process of collecting each and every detail and facts about the patient, using tools like observation, history-taking – given by the patient/attendant and clinical examination.

The case history obtained thus makes the basis for a physician to go further into the physical examination and laboratory studies. This process of case taking helps in getting the totality of symptoms and getting the right similimum /medicine.

Usual steps followed in case taking-

-Case taking can be summarized into following stages
-Stage of observation and listening to the patient
-Stage of interrogation and cross-examination
-Stage of clinical examination with laboratory investigations
-Stage of diagnosis

How case taking helps-

-It helps in getting the complete knowledge of the disease
-It helps in finding out the totality of symptoms for the selection of a Homeopathic remedy.
-It helps in finding the nature of the disease whether it is acute or chronic, curable or incurable.
-It helps in finding the cause of the disease.
-It helps in analysing and evaluating the symptoms

An outline of case taking at our clinic-

(Name, Age,Sex, Address, Religion,Marital status, Date, Reg. No.)