What Patient's Say

I was diagnosed with Diabetes mellitus and Chronic renal failure, my creatinine level was 7mg/dl and I was on Insulin injections, BP and thyroid medicines. During the course of treatment, my thyroid and Blood pressure levels along with creatinine levels came within normal range and the insulin injections, Thyroid and Hypertensive drugs were stopped permanently. I am so thankful to Dr.Reena.
-Renuka Goswami, Delhi

When I consulted Dr.Reena, I was suffering from Hypothyroidism (TSH-154U/mL) as well as depression. Along with it I was suffering from Pre-menopausal mood swings. But under her treatment, my TSH levels came within normal range and I feel so much better, confident, and as fit as a fiddle.
-Meenu Sehgal, Delhi

I had a Thyroid Nodule and severe fungal infection of the nails. I was suffering from these problems for 4-5yrs. Under her treatment the thyroid nodule receded and the infection was cured completely. Credit goes to Dr. Reena and her in-depth knowledge of the disease and the Homeopathic treatment.
-Imrat, Delhi

I was suffering from alopecia. After years of suffering I got to know about Dr. Reena, and I had been on her medication for only 5 months. I am a very happy patient.
-Simi Gupta

When I came to Dr. Reena I was suffering from thyroid, depression and PCOS. But after meeting Dr. Reena and taking her medications and her continuous observation and motivation, I am better and happy.
-Meeru Sehgal

My son was suffering from continuous cold and coughs and was diagnosed with tonsillitis and Adenoid. After Dr. Reena treatment he is better with better immunity. Thanks to doctor.
-Ekansh mother

My wife was suffering from varicose veins from the last 18yrs. My wife is almost cured after one year of treatment. We also referred 10-15 patients to her who also got cured under her treatment. She ios a doctor who is full of positivity and helps and guides her patients in every way she can. I thank her from the core of my heart.
-Devender and Poonam Rana

I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis in 2011 and used to take pain killers with many other medicines every day. Under Dr's treatment, the use of painkillers and antibiotics completely stopped, And My Haemoglobin level increased from 9 to13gm%. I am blessed to have her as My doctor who is always there for constant support and guidance. She is a mentor in true sense. After my recovery, my family and friends also have started visiting her for there problems.
-Yogesh, Delhi

I visited Dr. Reena Goyal when I was suffering from Nasal polyps, and Doctors had advised me surgery. I started taking Homeopathic treatment from her and within a few months, the polyps were completely cured. Recently, I developed multiple warts on my hands for which I was advised Laser Surgery, I again consulted Dr. Reena and they were cured under her treatment within a few months and didn't leave any marks also. It has been a great experience and my problems were cured to the utmost satisfaction.
-Jatin Mago, Delhi

I had around 10-12 thick warts all over my hands. I even got laser removal done which was only a waste of money and time. After 1.5yrs years of pain, I started my treatment with Dr. Reena who carefully analysed my situation and started Homeopathic medication. She was very accommodating and she guided me throughout. Within 3 months all the warts were gone. It's been 1 year and there is no sign of them. I would highly recommend Dr. Reena.
-Manasvi, Canada

I first visited Dr. Reena when high TSH levels were detected in my blood tests. I visited few doctors who asked me to start taking Thyroid medicine immediately. I then came to Dr.Reena who restored balance in my body and my TSH levels came back to normal under her treatment. She identified the root cause of the problem and helped to heal me. My overall energy levels improved. She is a very attentive and patient listener and provides full support to her patients. Many of my family members and friends also started visiting her after I got cured.
-Sonali, USA


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